Environmental Board Members Portraits

When you're asked to take some relaxed informal business portraits / profile shots of the board members for a London financial / Insurance business, where better is there to go than to a coffee shop and make the most of the different locations in there.

If you're looking for something a little different for your staff head shots for About me / us page on your website please do get in contact.

The Way We Work - Architects Portraits

As part of my ongoing project to capture The Way We Work for Viva Brighton magazine, I got to photograph a load of Architect's portraits the other month. 

I love how they are all wearing similar tones and colours. Maybe it's an Architect's thing.

If you want to see more of this project, which has been running for over three years now, check out this link:


Book Authors / Writers profile portraits

I've been photographing a few book authors / writers profile shots recently and I really like getting to know these interesting people during our time shooting. They all seem to be fascinating people with interesting stories to tell.

So I thought i'd share a few of the profile / portrait shots of them here.

Photographing the Brighton Victorian Sewers

Something i've been wanting to do since I moved down to Brighton in 1992 was see the victorian sewer network and go on the tour which used to be organised during the Brighton Festival.

Well i'm very pleased to say that I got the opportunity to do so and to photograph the experience for Viva Brighton Magazine. We were given a private tour of this fantastic and fascinating environment and I tried to document it as best I could while shooting with the brief in mind. I learnt so many things about sewage and how the Victorians over engineered things, it was as I said fascinating. 

If you ever get the chance to go on the tour, I highly recommend it, just don't wait 25 years like I did.