Photographing Brighton Table Tennis Club

Documentary photography of Brighton Table Tennis Club

I love being asked to go into a space and document or capture what businesses or people do there. I'm free to just observe and take photos of how I see the place and it makes me look at the people and the details with a much more critical photographic eye.

So this time I was asked to take photos of the wonderful Brighton Table Tennis Club in Kemp Town, Brighton for a magazine article. I must have been past this place hundereds of times and not realised what goes on inside. It's just an amazing place and if you have any interest in Table Tennis what so ever, you really shout check it out.

Company profile head shots

So I photograph a lot of corporate portraits / company profile / business head shots but I never really follow up and see how they look on the companies website about me pages.

Well I got shown this page at another shoot in London for the business and I'm really proud to see how they all fit together. I normally work on each individual image and see them as one, but not really as a whole. So it's really refreshing to see them together and that they work so well as a whole.

So if you're looking to improve the image of your business and get a more professional about us page, please do get in contact as i'd love to talk to you about what we can do together.


Bite Studio Profile Photos

Award winning boutique digital agency Bite Studios, commissioned me to take some portraits for them at their Brighton studio. The idea being that we would take a few different types of images that could be used for different purposes. So we took some classic head shots / profile images, some half body portraits and some more character full length portraits. Each of these can be used in different ways for example, on the 'about' page, on blog post to denote the author, on LinkedIn profiles, any company marketing material, when they give talks at conferences etc. By taking a few different styles of portraits in one session we made the most of the photo shoot and Bite got real value for money. Also as with all my corporate portrait shoots, we made a note of the set up, so that when they expand we can shoot new staff members in the same way.

I won't make this a long blog post, i'll just let the pictures do the talking. So check out the big group shot, which can be added to should we need to, the character portraits and the profile shots (which i've converted to black and white, to show you something different as lots of companies want black and white images instead of colour ones)

If you'd like some company profile shots and want to take advantage of my HALF PRICE HEAD SHOTS offer check out the link and get in contact with me.