Contemporary Magazine Portraits

I was recently commissioned by a Sussex magazine (The Resident) to shoot some alternative / contemporary portraits. They contacted me as they were looking for some portraits that wouldn't be out of place in the sunday supliments from the Times and The Observer. The brief was to shoot a bar man from the Brighton Rocks pub before they opened and get some portaits for an article on a cocktail that they had produced. I didn't have long to shoot, only around 20 minutes and the barman Dan (who had never been photographed professionally) was setting up the pub, but he was brilliant and a natural in front of the camera.

We shot a few 'safer' portraits, and then pushed it a little by being a bit more creative with the framing. I also wanted to get a shot with lots of negative space incase the designer wanted to use that to add text on the page. While I was there I also got a few interior shots for the magazine, but the shoot for me was mainly about getting some quick and creative portraits using natural light and making them interesting enough to stand out on the page.

I'm pleased  to add  this quote from the client: "I absolutely love these. They are the best I have seen - I've been asking others to replicate the stylish shots you see in the Sunday supplements and, until now, no one has delivered the goods!"

If you are looking for a portrait photographer, please do get in contact with me here.