DC Storm - Company Profile Shots

I was asked by DC Storm (who supply award winning digital marketing technology and services to their clients) to produce some company profile shots of their management team. Working closely with their marketing director we came up with the idea and feel for the shoot to produce some portraits that were not like the typical corporate company headshots. We wanted to produce something a little cutting edge, with some personality that set them apart from other people in the industry.

We both set up a Pinterest board and looked to find images that would work for their company, so that come the day of the shoot we knew exactly what we wanted.

A massive thanks to the management team who really came on board with my way of working with my subjects to produce portraits that stand out from other corporate photographers. I know that it can be a bit daunting having your photo taken (sometimes for the first time) by a professional photographer with a big camera and surrounded by a whole lighting set up.  The feedback from the management team was that they are all over the moon with the images and that they all really enjoyed the process as well.

I ended up producing around four finished images for each subject. We went with a head on standard shot, a serious portrait shot looking out of the frame, a softer smiling / laughing portrait shot looking out of the frame and a portrait with a bit more personality. This will enable the marketing department to use the images for the website, printed material, blog posts, profile shots for conferences etc. Having the different styles of images will really help them tailor what they want to say for each message. We also shot them at their Brighton, Sussex offices to reduce the amount of disruption to their working day.

To see the final images on DC Storm's site click here.

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