Everything you ever wanted to know about Flash photography, but were afraid to ask!


people on an off camera workshop in bath also known as strobist techniques


I'm teaching a couple of flash photography workshops in Bath!!!!!

Yep that's right I'm taking the show on the road and spreading the love.....well the knowledge.

I was asked recently if I did any workshops in the west country and as I'm based in Brighton I thought it would be a good idea to Go West.

So i've got the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March dedicated to everything flash and I'll be teaching two workshops in the Bath area as central as possible for those traveling by train.

The workshop on 23rd March is already looking like it's fully booked so it's just the 24th that I have spaces for at the moment, so if you're interested drop me an email.

The workshop will be a combination of my On-Camera and Off-Camera flash photography workshops, so it'll be pretty compreshensive and should set you up to be totally comfortable with your flashgun and how to get the most out of it.

We'll be looking at:

On-Camera Flash:

* Understanding your flash and its settings

* Bouncing flash to create soft lighting and how to shape your light

* Balancing daylight and flash for very sunny situations

* Using on-camera flash indoors

* Creating natural looking images taken with flash

Off-Camera Flash:

* The fundamentals of off-camera flash

* Equipment needed to get you started and take your photography further

* The core principles of getting a correct exposure every time

* The different way in which your light can be shaped / changed for creative techniques

* Changing the colour / hardness / depth of your light

* How to use the different techniques in any environment

So the idea of the workshop is to make sure that you don't have a fear of flash and can go into any situation and get amazing results. It's a very practical workshop and not technical in the slightest bit.


flash photography workshop in bath



I'm still trying to source the perfect venue at the moment and am talking to a few places, but if you know of anywhere in the area that may work, please do give me a shout.

But for now places are limited to 8 on each workshop and i've kept the cost down to £115 for the whole day.

I'm also planning on teaching a few other workshops all around the country, so if you're interested in me coming to a town near you, let me know.

If you'd like to reserve a place or more details about the flash photography workshops, please do give me a shout.