Business head shots. Company profile photos. Corporate Portraits. Call them what you like, i'm offering them all half price in February!!!!!

Yes thats right, HALF PRICE HEAD SHOTS. If you've been thinking of getting some new photos of staff, for your 'About Us' page on your website or for any of your print needs, well now could be just the right time.

Having good photos of the people who work for a company raises the profile of that business. It says that you invest and take pride in your staff members and if you value your staff, you'll value your clients and customers. How often have you looked at a companies website to see who you are dealing with? Checked out the person who you regularly speak to on the phone? Well we all know that people buy from people and it's always good for business, to place a face with a name. Have you ever seen a companies website where all the photos of the staff look so different and disjointed? It just isn't professional and what does it say about that business?

Why not used an experienced professional photographer to come into your place of business and set up a mobile studio, with minimal disruption to the working day, and take quality portraits of your staff members. I also document how the photos are taken, incase people can't make the shoot that day, the company expands and gets new staff etc. So that we are able to duplicate the photos at a later date, should we need to, so that they can fit into the existing about us page.

I'm very experienced in taking portraits of business people and have been doing so for a number of years, my portraits are regularly used in magazines and online. I've written photography books, I teach other photographers and regularly write articles for leading photography magazine. I use traditional portrait techniques to achieve the best photos of people who are not used to being in front of the camera. I work with the minimal of disruption to the working day and produce quality images for clients time after time. I'm based in Brighton, Sussex but i'm able to travel all over the South East and London.

Why not use an experienced professional photographer to help show of your company?

If you'd like to find out more about the HALF PRICE HEAD SHOTS deal or to speak to me about any other photography needs that you may have, please do get in contact with me by clicking this link.


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