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Head Shot Profile Photography - The end result.

Professional Profile Head Shots

Professional Profile Head Shots

It's always nice to see how your work ends up being used and i'm very pleased to share this with you.

So this is the end result of a head shot / profile shoot that I did with the lovely Hayley Lawes (who I met back in 2010 when I shot her wedding). She wanted something simple that could be used in a few different ways, so I suggested a few different set ups and a change of clothes to get the most out of the portrait shoot. And I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I didn't think the website would be as image heavy as it is and I think it looks great.

Hayley is so professional and great at what she does and I love how her coaching site really shows her off as she is really selling herself. 

So if you are looking for a professional coach as a business or an individual, please do check out her website and give her a call to see how she can help you.

New company profile shots

I really like doing company profile shots. I can guarantee that most people who I have to shoot a portrait of for their work, always start the conversation off with "I hate having my photo taken and have never had a nice photo taken of me." Admittedly it's not the best way to start a conversation off with someone who's about to take your portrait, but the conversation usually ends with "Oh, I'm really pleased with that photo. Thanks."

I see taking someone's portrait as a two way process, so I always involve my subjects in the decision making process and we work together to get a great image of them that they are happy with. This way we end up with comments from people like "That's the best photo that anyones ever taken of me" and "oh you're such a genius"......OK that last one was made up, but it's really nice to change someone opinion of photography and having their photo taken.

These images were from a recent corporate portrait shoot that I did for a Brighton based business psychologists Criterion Partnership's new revamped website (which at the time of writing this blog post is still in development, but should be up soon).

If you'd like some company profile shots / corporate portraits / company head shots, call it what you like, but please do get in contact with me here, as i'd love to help you out.