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Portraits of Brighton Fitness Professionals

Brighton fitness professionals portraits

So how are your new years fitness resolutions coming along?

Just as a reminder I thought i'd show you a series of portraits of some of Brighton's Fitness Professionals / Trainers / Coaches etc. that I took a while ago.

The idea behind these images was to show the person and people in their environment. I always like to impose some rules upon myself when i'm shooting as for some reason I find that it helps with my creativity. 

So for this shoot I decided to take my widest lens and 1. to shoot as wide as possible so as to create an interesting distortion and dimension to the image. 2. I also wanted to try to capture a graphic and dynamic shape with the people to give the images more energy and lastly 3. I thought I'd shoot into the light to make the images feel bright and vibrant.

I don't know why I impose rules, it's just part of my creative process.