I've written and contributed to a number of photography books which have been published all over the world and in various languages.

Lo-Fi Photo Fun!

Lo-Fi Photo Fun! is the ultimate inspirational and creative photo assignments book for analog and toy camera users. It is about shooting great photos, plus all the cool things you can do with the images you’ve taken on your toy, Polaroid or pinhole cameras. Learn how to cross process, push process, hand process, experiment with film types, bleed the image over the edge of the film, create animations with your images, play with multiple exposures using multiple lenses and a whole host of quirky, fun, off-beat, but most of all imaginative projects. Accompanied by inspirational and ingenious photos, jargon-free, practical information provides the reader with recipe-style advice on how to achieve inventive results. Organised by technique, each project begins with a gallery of images showing the effects of that particular technique and is followed by detailed instructions on how each effect is achieved. This information loaded, hip photography book is a must have for experimental photographers of all stripes.


SnApp Shots

SnApp Shots is the one-stop guide to the wide spectrum of creative photographic results now readily achievable via apps for smartphones. SnApp Shots focuses on stylistic qualities as opposed to specific apps and technical innovations, and taps into this fast-growing market by providing an indispensable guide to the countless opportunities for inventive image creation on offer. Jargon-free and packed full of accessible information, this is the ultimate guide for all creative photographers, image-makers and smartphone enthusiasts eager to experiment with a growing multitude of special photo apps.


52 Photographic Projects

Contributing Author to, 52 Photographic Projects; a photo assignment book with a difference. Featuring 52 fun, inspirational ideas backed by jargon-free, practical guidance and advice, it is packed with cliché-busting images from some of the best and brightest photographers around. This book offers a weekly dose of inspiration for photographers and image-makers of all levels, and features creative challenges ranging from quick-fire results to more immersive creative techniques. The assignments are designed to kick-start creativity, enhance skills, and build confidence behind the lens. Photographers and image-makers are always on the lookout for creative inspiration and guidance, and Photo Op provides both in a fun, accessible format.