Head Shot Profile Photography - The end result.

Professional Profile Head Shots

Professional Profile Head Shots

It's always nice to see how your work ends up being used and i'm very pleased to share this with you.

So this is the end result of a head shot / profile shoot that I did with the lovely Hayley Lawes (who I met back in 2010 when I shot her wedding). She wanted something simple that could be used in a few different ways, so I suggested a few different set ups and a change of clothes to get the most out of the portrait shoot. And I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I didn't think the website would be as image heavy as it is and I think it looks great.

Hayley is so professional and great at what she does and I love how her coaching site really shows her off as she is really selling herself. 

So if you are looking for a professional coach as a business or an individual, please do check out her website and give her a call to see how she can help you.

Author Book Cover Portraits

Author Book Cover Portraits

A couple of portraits from a shoot I did with author Will Howliston for his book covers. 

Will write science fiction books and I just loved the little nod to Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. 

The Way We Work - Brighton Tech Companies

Brighton technology business portraits

This month Viva Brighton magazine features my regular spot called The Way We Work, where I take portraits of Brighton and Hove business people in various trades.

I was out shooting people from Brighton's technology industry, so design agency's, tech companies, media companies etc.