Portrait of a Brighton Photography Legend

Tony Tree - Brighton Argus Photographer


It's always a pleasure to taking a photographers portrait and usually a bit daunting. However on this occasion it was an absolute joy.

I had to take a portrait of legendary Brighton photographer Tony Tree (which you can see in this months Viva Brighton magazine), who has worked with the likes of David Bailey and Helmut Newton. He also spent 20 years as a photographer for The Brighton Argus during the 70s, 80s and 90s when press photography was a very different beast to what it is today.

Tony was a joy to photography and to chat to about all things photographic and hear some stories of the past. He was so accommodating and I wanted to capture some of that kindness in the portrait. I also took inspiration for this portrait from one of my favourite photographers the wonderful Jane Bown. Who worked for the Observer for many many years and worked with minimal equipment and always shot on an old black and white film camera. This portrait wasn't shot on film, but I was thinking of her during the shoot.

So thanks so much Tony and Jane.

Peter Kyle Labour MP for Hove

Peter Kyle Labour MP for Hove

I'm very pleased to see that the 'very nice man' that is Peter Kyle has been voted Labour MP for Hove. I had the privilege of spending and afternoon with him taking his portrait for the campaign last year. Here are just a few of the portraits.

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Brighton Urban Growers Portraits

Brighton Urban Growers Portraits

It's springtime!!!! So check out these portraits that I took for Viva Brighton Magazine of green fingered growers in and around Brighton and Hove.

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New company profile shots

I really like doing company profile shots. I can guarantee that most people who I have to shoot a portrait of for their work, always start the conversation off with "I hate having my photo taken and have never had a nice photo taken of me." Admittedly it's not the best way to start a conversation off with someone who's about to take your portrait, but the conversation usually ends with "Oh, I'm really pleased with that photo. Thanks."

I see taking someone's portrait as a two way process, so I always involve my subjects in the decision making process and we work together to get a great image of them that they are happy with. This way we end up with comments from people like "That's the best photo that anyones ever taken of me" and "oh you're such a genius"......OK that last one was made up, but it's really nice to change someone opinion of photography and having their photo taken.

These images were from a recent corporate portrait shoot that I did for a Brighton based business psychologists Criterion Partnership's new revamped website (which at the time of writing this blog post is still in development, but should be up soon).

If you'd like some company profile shots / corporate portraits / company head shots, call it what you like, but please do get in contact with me here, as i'd love to help you out.