A radio tour of the United States promoting the SnApp Shots book

Recently I've been doing a radio tour of the Untited States of America to promote my SnApp Shots book (how to take great photos with your phone and photography apps). I've been speaking to early morning commuters in Minnisota, Wisconsin, Texas, and New York. I've spooken to mid morning listeners in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Boston and New Hampshire. As well as drive time and early evening in Georgia, Iowa, Florida and nationally. Sometimes I've been speaking to over a MILLION people at a time! It's probably the biggest audience i've ever spoken to and I had to get on my 'radio personality' persona and be all hyped up for the American Audience. I've got a few more interviews to go, but all in all I will have spoken to almost 20 radio stations and several million people.

Both books have been going really well and have had great reviews by lots of different websites and magazines. Lo-Fi Photo Fun hasn't been released in the States yet (that's happening later in the year), but both are running low on stock on Amazon and Urban Outfitters have taken on both books.

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Here's a photo of me on the phone, waiting for one of the interviews, taken by me on my iPhone with Instagram: