Book Authors / Writers profile portraits

I've been photographing a few book authors / writers profile shots recently and I really like getting to know these interesting people during our time shooting. They all seem to be fascinating people with interesting stories to tell.

So I thought i'd share a few of the profile / portrait shots of them here.

George Osbourne PR special visit photography

Sussex PR Photography of George Osbourne

George Osbourne Visits Sussex Business

They say a week is a long time in politics and this week seems longer than most.

This time last week I was photographing the Chancellor George Osbourne on a visit to a Sussex engineering firm who I sometime shoot for as part of the EU Referendum Remain campaign. And a week later, we are living in a very different world. If I would have described to him last week all that would happen in the next seven days, I doubt he would have believed me. 

A week surely is a long time in politics.

Olympic Gold Medalist Robin Cousins

Olympic Gold Medalist Robin Cousins

A portrait of Former Figure Skater, Olympic Gold Medalist and TV Personality sitting on the banister of some stairs for no reason what so ever, other than I thought it my make a good photo.

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